Use Cases

Get to know about the development and implementation of our solutions through some of our clients’ real cases.

Augmented Reality

Our client needed to train their personnel in hygiene and safety basic notions for situations that arise within their different work environments by using a mobile device (cell phone or tablet). At the same time, they wanted the experience to be “fun” and “disruptive” (the selected metaphor was that of a treasure hunt).

Our solution.

We proposed the development of an Augmented Reality mobile app “Ries-Go” (Risk-Go) with the following characteristics:

  • Markers are placed in different spots of a certain workplace for employees to acknowledge the risks around them (for example, inside an office, on a plug, on an electric appliance). 
  • Pointing at every maker, the participant observes a 3D model and answers a trivia of related questions. 
  • The system is adapted to each work context to better understand the risks in every specific area of a work environment. 
  • The proposal allows further enlargement of the adressed risks. In the first version there are four (4) risk categories (ergonomic, electrical, chemical and general) but it is possible to expand to more categories, too. 
  • It has a gamified system of loss of lives (3) in case the participant answers incorrectly. When lives are lost, different informative videos about the risks addressed in the app are randomly activated. Lives are "recovered" after the participant watches the video.
  • Finally, the app is linked to a platform where different users’ result reports can be analyzed and certifications can be issued.

“Ries-Go” (Risk-Go) product development:

  1. Records of kinds of risks and models to be associated.
  2. App Structure definition: 
    • Menu
    • Risks: 4 models + tivia and 6 photos (3 correct ones, 3 incorrect ones) + trivia
    • Certificate 
  1. Integration with Register system.
  2. PlayStore Publication.

Se entregó la app subida al PlayStore, los marcadores para imprimir (en total 20) y el acceso al módulo de Reportes de la Interactive Academy.