Soft Skills

We developed a 3D SIMULATOR, which through immersive experience and trained personnel to practice and further develop their soft skills in customer management in three different contexts:

  • Customer service in clothing stores.
  • Customer service sales in a home appliance store.
  • Waiter in a restaurant

Operating Efficiency

We aimed at fulfilling a customer’s request for a tool for personnel to learn how to safely use and drive forklifts while complying with warehouse procedures. As a result, we developed a Virtual Reality simulator that also measures performance and issues certifications.

At InterBrain we developed a Virtual Reality simulator with the following features:

  • Administration Console: It works in computers with Windows operating system, where data of the simulation session is entered.
  • Menu for Scenario selection: Full Circuit, Machine Control, Warehouse.
  • Nine (9) missions available.


Our client needed to train personnel in hygiene and safety using a mobile device (cell phone or tablet), for situations that arise in their different work environments, in an entertaining and disruptive way.

Interbrain developed an Augmented Reality mobile app with the following features:

  • Markers in real physical locations to become aware of the risks around you.
  • It enables you to observe a 3D model per marker and answer a trivia quiz.
  • The system adapts to different types of risks in the workplace.
  • Flexibility in the development allows to expand the types of risks treated. In the first version, 4 risk categories were developed (Ergonomic, Electrical, Chemical and General).
  • Linked to a platform that reports results and issues certifications.