Use Cases

Get to know about the development and implementation of our solutions through some of our clients’ real cases.

Gamification Platform

Our clients communicated to us the need for a gamified tool that would allow them, through a playful and competitive approach, to train plant personnel in their different work areas within the framework of a Health, Safety and Environment Day (HSE Day).

Our solution.

InterBrain’s approach was that of creating, through our gamified platform, a training context immersed in a specific playful narrative (for example: that of a trip through the moors, or the countryside, or on a cruise, etc). For each activity, the associated elements (cover, achievement, resource) respect the analogy with the real ones but always within the proposed narrative. By incorporating gamification logic to the activity, the proposal of an interactive and entertaining competition for its participants is consolidated.

Why to gamify training?

In every case, we seek that, through gamified activities, the different verticals in which staff is trained within each organization, are measured, evaluated and implemented. 

These tools and methodologies increase people's levels of involvement which in turn, enhance their attention as well as their motivation. Since everything takes place within a learning context, the result is a more effective training, i.e. learning acquisition as well as learning retention are improved. 

Gamification also strengthens the value of the collective, for it promotes a sense of cooperation and teamwork.

Product development:

  1. Narrative or metaphor definition.
  2. Content mediation: 
    1. What are the topics to be dealt with?
    2. Which resources will be used in the implementation?
    3. Interactive formats selection: interactive video, trivia games, drag and stop, free activity. 
  3. Number of checkpoints definition, associated resource and name depending on narrative.
  4. Implementation.
  5. Activation or “start”.
  6. Control, evaluation and feedback.  

The Platform is delivered through an access link and a tutorial on usage.